About Us

Emmaus Spiritual Ministries are companions on the sacred journey.

Our Mission

To a wounded world in need of healing and compassion, Emmaus Spiritual Ministries brings together all paths leading to God.

Our Vision

Emmaus Spiritual Ministries serves as a sacred epicenter responding to spiritual needs of local and global communities of faith.

Our Values

We value the inherent dignity and spiritual nature of the human person.
We desire to serve with mutuality, collaboration and compassion.
We guide our endeavors within a climate of discernment.

Our Name

Luke’s Gospel describes two disciples on a journey from Jerusalem to a little village called Emmaus.  Jesus has been resurrected, but the two disciples are downcast, focused on Jesus’ death and puzzled by reports of him missing from the tomb.  Jesus comes alongside the two disciples on their walk, but they do not recognize him.  On the journey, Jesus explains the Scriptures and why all these things happened for the greater glory of God.  When they reach Emmaus, the disciples invite Jesus to come eat with them.  The breaking of the bread reveals that their companion is Jesus, then he vanishes from their sight.


“Were not our hearts burning within us as he spoke to us on the way and opened the Scriptures to us?” they confided.


The Road to Emmaus story illustrates companions on a sacred journey in a world after Jesus has been resurrected.  As we are all on a path leading toward God, “Emmaus” is a fitting name for the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange’s spiritual ministries.  To a wounded world in need of healing and compassion, Emmaus brings together all paths leading toward God.


Thank You for Your Support

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