Home for the Holidays??!! – Finding Peace in Times of Chaos

Presented by: Sister Eileen McNerney, CSJ and Julie Mussche

While Thanksgiving and Christmas can bring families together and bring much joy, family gatherings can sometimes cause us grief and awaken the pain of past or present alienation and/or broken relationships.  While this reflective workshop isn’t designed to fix all past hurts or heal all that may be wounded within you or your family, it may help you to find inner peace and to understand and value your place within your family.  We will use meditative Taizé Prayer to close the day, asking for personal healing as well as for the healing of family pain.  Why not invite a family member to join you?

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About the speakers: 

Sister Eileen McNerney, CSJ, MA, MS, a Sister of St. Joseph of Orange is an artist, a public speaker and a writer. She is the director emeritus of Taller San Jose Hope Builders, a non-profit organization that empowers impoverished, undereducated young people to advance their lives through acquisition of skills, employment and a pursuit of further education. She is the author of A Story of Suffering and Hope: Lessons from Latino Youth and co-author of A Bold and Humble Love, Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange 1912-2012.

Julie Mussché is the Interim Supervisor for the Art of Spiritual Direction Program, is a spiritual director, supervisor and presenter. She formerly served as the Director of the Center for Spiritual Development. Julie is the author of a book, Navigating the Spirit: Charting A Year’s Passage Through God’s Kingdom, which was published in 2009.


Nov 14 2017


07:00 PM - 09:00 PM




Spirituality Building

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