Other Services

Most of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange’s spiritual ministries reside under the umbrella of Emmaus Spiritual Ministries.  These services include


Onsite Programs

View the Calendar for program offerings at St. Joseph Center.


On the Road Programs

Previously offered and newly developed programs may be brought to your location.


Speakers’ Network

Do you need a speaker for your group?  From Scripture studies to contemporary issues, the Speakers’ Network can find the right person to present to your weekly small group or large special event audience.


Art of Spiritual Direction

The Art of Spiritual Direction (ASD) is a formation program for those seeking to become spiritual directors.  Please visit the ASD page for more.


Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is deeply rooted in Christian tradition.  It is a gentle enabling of another to express their experience in faith, discern its character and live in fidelity to God’s call.   For more information on spiritual direction and finding a spiritual director, visit the spiritual direction page.


Spiritual Formation

Emmaus Spiritual Ministries are companions on a sacred journey.  We develop and offer opportunities to grow deeper in faith and connect it to a life lived with intention and celebration of a relationship with the Divine.


Mission Formation

Working for a ministry is more than a job; it’s a calling.  Emmaus Spiritual Ministries can assist in developing programs that draw on the heritage and mission of an organization to help employees grow in understanding of why they do what they do.


Prayer Services

Our team can prepare and lead prayer services for most occasions and group sizes, whether it follows the Church year or has a specific purpose like a response to an event.



Day and private retreats are available at St. Joseph Center as well as other offsite locations.  Our Speakers’ Network is also available to provide retreat leaders.


Spirituality and the Arts

There are many forms of prayer and the arts are among them.    Emmaus Spiritual Ministries encourages prayerful connection through artistic expression.